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Help Needed! No One Can Do It On Their Own

November 27th 2017 I’d finally had enough of eating crap and feeling crap.  That was when I decided to get back to fitness and to get some help.  This was when I decided to invest serious money in my fitness.

Nerd Fitness Coaching had just been launched to the general public.  I did my usual “should I, shouldn’t I” routine.  In the end I decided the if I was going to get fit and stay fit I had to up the investment to ensure I didn’t fail.  At £150 per month, with almost daily interaction with coach Jim Bathurst (Check him out at I had upped my accountability game considerably.

I’ve learned a few things since joining Nerd Fitness Coaching, the following is just one.

I failed

When I hit a snag with my training/diet? I message Jim and like a genie he appears and help solve my problem.  He obviously can’t implement the solution, but he can offer solutions for me to consider and put in to practice.

This has been a huge learning point for me. I’ve always thought I can go it alone, I don’t need anyones help.

Last week I got feedback on a submission I’d put in a while back. It was not good feedback. It was the sort of feedback that required walking off (the dog loved this de-stress method by the way).

Its ok to get help, its especially ok to get help when it is offered.

In the past I would have given up at that point. Or at least tried to struggle through to find a solution.

Then I got an e mail from the person giving feedback suggesting that I need some one on one help to re-work the submission.

As I said, in the past I would have declined. But having Jim in my corner has taught me that I can’t do it all on my own – I can lift the weight, but I needed him to show me how.  Likewise I can write the submission, but I need the one on one to give me guidance on what is required.

This submission could mean a pay rise and maybe even a promotion. So I’d be a fool not to take the help offered.  Just like I’d be a fool to ignore the advice given regarding lifting form, or food intake.

Its weird how investing in health coaching has led to so many other changes in me personally and how I approach different situations now.

seven day blog challenge - day 7

Seven Day Blog Challenge – Day 7

What Do You Want to Feel? 

The list of feels I want is very easy to write, the means by which I achieve each item is more difficult.

Happy – How do I currently achieve this?  Spending time with family – even if its just going to the cinema.  Walking Murphy, he defines happiness. Chilling in the evening reading and listening to relaxing music. Podcasting with my good friend Scott Berks, on the WhatsUpInternet podcast. Games nights with the kids and Amy are my favourite pastime – this is where I am at my happiest.

Murphy Dog - cockapoo

Content – Sitting down in the evening with Amy (my partner) and Murphy, watching a film and chatting. Spending time just chatting with the kids about anything and everything.

Healthy – Spending time in the gym.  Especially when I am working on something new.  Lately this has meant learning how to use gymnastic rings.  As I said above, I also love walking Murphy.

Energetic – The gym gives me energy. As well as that, making sure I get a good nights sleep.

Less conflicted and less anxious – These both come from being decisive. Being in action. Not sitting around dwelling on things. As soon as I take action about things the conflict and anxiousness go away. As soon as I start seeing the results of the actions I start feeling content. Of all the items in this list, this is where I struggle most. I NEED to take more action in my life.  Take more control of my situation. Stop worrying about failing and start doing.

Seven Day Blog challenge Day 6

Seven Day Blog Challenge – Day 6

What difference do you want to make?

Through podcasting I’d like the think people are going away with a smile.  It would be nice to bring some happiness and positivity to their lives.

At work, being a mental health ambassador is hopefully making a difference by giving people help when they most need it.  It isn’t easy for people to seek help, but I hope that I am friendly and approachable enough for them to ask if they need it.

For my family, I want to help all of them achieve their dreams. From the smallest to the biggest dream.

RTJ box front

Record Store Day 2018 – Run The Jewels

Its Record Store Day. I had one purchase in  mind for today. The Run The Jewels Stay Gold Collectors Edition.

Rather than blather on about it, pictures speak a thousand words.

run the jewels box front run the jewels box back rtj slip matt front rtj slip matt back rtj album front rtj album back rtj album centre fold rtj stickers rtj poster rtj poster

seven day blog challenge day 5

Seven Day Blog Challenge – Day 5

What’s your elevator pitch?

I love to play Football Manager. It keeps me occupied when sat in my digs in the evening. It also serves as a great way to interact with my 17 year old son.  We often talk about our games for hours.  Comparing players tactics, etc. 

That conversation time with my son is often done whilst walking the dog. So the game gives us an excuse to walk the dog and get some exercise.

It offers a conversation starter with my son and over time those conversations have evolved to include other things, such as what his ambitions are, advice I can pass down to him and also music discussion.